• Insight A/V is an audiovisual integrator providing a package of services.
  • Insight A/Vtakes the worry out of every aspect of your new or upgraded audio or video system.


  • We coordinate with each customer to convert a concept into a working system in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Our project managers have the knowledge to get your project organized and underway as quickly as possible.


  • Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, Insight A/V can enhance your system to bring you hours of entertainment.


REGARDLESS OF SIZE OR COMPLEXITY ......AVAssurance can maintain your system!  

The AVAssurance plan provides complete care and coverage for all of your audio and video components or systems , regardless if they were install by Insight Audio/Visual or by others.   The AVAssurance plan offers absolute peace of mind that your audiovisual equipment is maintained and serviced regularly.

The AVAssurance Plan Shall Include:
  • Audiovisual support from AVAssurance industry trained professionals.
  • Locked-in and discounted labor rates for the length of the AVAssurance plan.
  • An allotted amount of monthly hours with rollover of any unused time for the length of the AVAssurance plan.
  • An allotted amount of yearly components and hardware.
  • Telephone response in less than four (4) hours for support and assessment of all technical matters. (An initial attempt to remedy or troubleshoot the issue will be made over the phone with the local assistance of an AVAssurance Support Specialist.)
  • If on-site support is needed, an AVAssurance System Specialist will be dispatched within eight (8) business hours following the AVAssurance telephone support.
  • Labor to repair/service the system, components and parts in order to restore the system to complete operational condition.  Labor will adhere to audiovisual industry standards and will include:

Testing and troubleshooting of system

System Inventory list for client records and Assurance Plan

Replacement of client stocked / purchased projector lamps

Installation of back up or redundant mission critical equipment

Certification of connectors and cables

Replacement of stocked connectors and cables Projector and Screen Alignment

Technical assessment of system

System Specialist troubleshooting training

Technical Consultation

  • Two on-site preventive maintenance visits per year that include:

Clean Optics on projectors and cameras

Clean and remove dust from equipment

Check that component parts and assemblies are securely mounted

Replace projector lamp if applicable

Document system settings

A record of the work performed

Technical assessment and consultation

Clean Plasma and LCD displays

Test wires and connectors for failure

Test audio,video andcontrolinput and outputs

Inventory check of recommended spare parts and consumables

Projector and screen alignment

Satisfaction signature from client

  • Priority response phone support over non-policy subscribers
  • Secure off-site storage of control system code and/or hardware configuration files
  • Access to reduced labor rates on servicing of defective and malfunctioning equipment
  • Access to reduced labor rates on all emergency and after hours services
  • Access to reduced labor rates on all design and engineering services
  • Access to reduced labor rates on all meeting and event services
  • Access to reduced labor rates on our system relocation services
  • Access to reduced rates on AVAssurance Training sessions
  • A satisfied and educated client!
 The AVAssurance Plan Shall Not Include:
  • Replacement of consumable items. Such as:  video heads, optical blocks, plasma screens, LCD panels, CRT’s, projection lamps, batteries, slide trays and other consumable items.  (Costs for such items will be billed at current equipment cost with AVAssurance reduced labor rates unless a manufacturing defect is discovered during the manufacturer’s standard warranty period.)
  • Request for service not related to technical problems but classified, documented and confirmed as “operator error.”
  • On-site service required as the result of negligence, misuse, attempted repairs by anyone other than an AVAssurance System Specialist, or damage, or for equipment not covered in the AVAssurance policy agreement.
  • Loaner equipment while the originally installed equipment is being serviced or replaced.
  • Connections to the contracted system made by others. (Under these conditions service charges will be applicable at standard repair rates.)
  • Modifications to the system made by others after policy agreement, without written permission from an AVAssurance representative.
  • The cost to remove, reinstall and transport to and from our service center, or the supplier/factory for components covered under their warranty.  (Under these conditions, the policy conditions will become null and void and charges will be assessed per AVAssurance reduced labor rates.)
  • Control System code and/or touchpanel modifications or changes to hardware setup files
  • Service required as a result of policy holder’s local area network failures, viruses, changes and/or modifications.
  • Service required as a result of policy holder’s lack of power conditioning and surge suppression.
  • Replacement of mounting structures, assemblies and rigging points
  • Service for equipment that has been deemed problematic and documented or in cases where  AVAssurance technical recommendations have been denied and waived by the policy holder.
  • The cost of hardware and components which exceeds the yearly allotment will be billed at regular rates.
  • Service outside of business hours will be billed at emergency service rates

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