Within the Potomac Heights community of Washington, DC this 1929 "fixer-upper" home boasts a view that everyone in DC longs to wake up to. Insight AV recently turned this old-time homestead into a high-tech, fully connected, smart-home.

For starters, Insight terminated nearly 20 CATV and Tele/Data ports throughout the house, including a weatherproof enclosure on the front porch for enjoying the beautiful view of the Potomac River while browsing the web and checking email.

A Leviton structured media panel provides a patch point for all of the Tele/Data ports throughout the house. Each port can be patched into telephone service or a LAN to suit the ever-changing needs of the homeowner. In the near future we will be adding broadband cable internet access, and digital CATV service, along with some security cameras that can be viewed on any connected television.

The extended plan for this home includes, but is not limited to, a Home Theater with a front Projected image, distributed audio for the front porch and updated security system.


Insight Audio/Visual Services

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