This house is a true example of high tech luxury. The owners already had TVs in each room and speakers in the ceiling, but there was no continuity to the system. Each room had its own DirecTV HD DVR, there was no central location for DVDs, and listening to music housewide was difficult at best.

We installed all of the sources in a basement control room, and allowed the owner to route everything to any room in the house via touch screen controls. We installed a new ReQuest digital music server, for listening to music housewide, and a ReQuest DVD Server, that manages a searchable directory of movies and routes them housewide.

From any room in the house, Any source can now be watched. Each room also has a local DVD player, just in case. The control system also controls the lights, security cameras, and HVAC in the house. There truly is no better example of housewide high tech luxury than this.


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